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You may have seen plenty of runners out there in the latest gear, talking about stats and showing off their running technology. When I started out as a runner, it was just about getting the right trainers… Now, there is SO much more to think about.


If you are cool about going out without the latest tech, then awesome! However, if you are interested in getting involved with all the fancy running bits-and-bobs then continue reading. This post is about the items and accessories that come along with running, once it becomes your ‘thing’. If you’re wanting to look and feel the part, here are some tips on some of the trendy items that runners love to own.



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Sports Watches

You may have seen the local runners checking out their watch to manage pace and what-not. Posting plenty of photos on Instagram to show the deets of their latest run; not to mention that they look super awesome on. Watches can help the performance of a runner as well as keeping the runner on track with their fitness and health. Having a sports watch has its many benefits!

I have always wanted to get a running watch, but I felt like it was a huge investment to make. Many runners show the love for their watches and all the fun stats that come with it. So maybe it is something that I should look into in the near future. However, if this is also something that you want to look into and you are not sure on what to get, have a look on this comparision website with the top sports watches that are out there today. Do you want to make the investment for a better running future? Some of the best brands are on the website below!

compare sports watches for women



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Heart Rate Monitor

I recently listened to a podcast on how tracking your heart rate can really improve your performance as a runner. You will have heard runners talking about ‘being in the right heart rate zone’ for their training session. It will also show show when your body is stressed or in need of recovery. These things are very important if you are training hard or are training for an event. Your heart rate can dictate your session for the day, instead of what is on the plan. Some watches can also do this for you (look at the link above) or you can get a physical heart rate monitor that is strapped to your chest, for when you are training.


You can keep on eye on your heart rate first thing in the morning and it will inform you of where your body is at with its recovery. It is an interesting way to train and it is also beneficial from a health point of view. This can then be synced to a watch or app for you to keep track of. Have a look at this heart rate monitor below.

Polar heart rate monitor strap


jaybird earphones



Some runners love going out with only the nature around them to listen to. I personally LOVE to listen to some upbeat tunes to keep me motivated. Most runners normally have earphones in to either keep track of their pace via an app or they will listen to music too. So having the latest earphones surely is a must! Many people start of with any old earphones, but what I have realised over the years is that having a quality pair of earphones is worth the price tag. Having bluetooth, wireless earphones is part of my every day running gear now and I can’t live without them! Plus their battery life seems to be much better than the standard pair that I have bought in the shops. If you’re looking for a tried and tested pair then have a look at these earphones below.


(I was luckily gifted a pair of these and I absolutely love them!)





I do not have a lot of experience with Zwift myself, however I know many runners/cyclist friends that use (and love) this app to keep things exciting! Especially during lockdown, for those that used a treadmill at home will have almost certainly used the Zwift app to keep that competition with their mates. When you buy the product, it is a small pod-like item that you attach to your treadmill (or bicycle) which tracks the mileage of your runs/rides. This then links with a video set-up that you can follow, and compete against others in. I have heard that it keeps training exciting whilst we don’t have any real life races to attend. Have a look at the Zwift website below to find out more.




recovery gel


Recovery Gear

Running and recovery come hand in hand, so why should we splurge on training items and scrimp on the recovery gear? There are many items that have been launched that promote well-being and post-run restoration. After a bit of research, I have found and collated the favourite’s amongst runners far and wide.



Ever finished a longgg run and needed something comfortable to sink your feet into? Well, Oofoo’s have become very popular with the long distance runners. Our feet take a pounding and having something comfy to relax in is a big part of the recovery. Oofoos offer a shoe that is breathable; they have the technology to absorb impact and reduce stress on the joints. Worth a look into if you have very sore feet after a training run!


Foam Roller

Do you suffer from tight muscles post-run? A problem that many of us have within training and something that is important to address. If our muscles are tight and we continue to train on them, it may cause discomfort, or worse, an injury. A foam roller has been known to release the tension and promote recovery. I got a cheap-ish one from Decathlon but you can find them anywhere nowadays. It is a love/hate piece of kit, but once you’re used to rolling, you’ll be using it most days of the week! Plus, it’s a cheaper way of getting a self-massage.


Massage Gun

I personally have not had much experience with this, but it is a new and trendy piece of kit that we have to help with those self-massages again. They have a little more pressure than a foam roller and they are easier to use. They are a little more expensive, but have been known to have great results. This will help to promote recovery too and you can find one HERE.



france run



Experienced runners, what areĀ your favourite pieces of kit and why? Lets find out what you runners are wearing!


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