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Women In Sports: BoudaVida

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Have you ever noticed the difference between men and women’s sports on our television? In the UK, only 7% of all media coverage is allocated to women alone. Now, more than ever, women’s sports is growing in interest. Women in general, are more active now than they were 50 years ago and the 21st century has shown us that the sexes are equal when it comes to talent in sports.


Growing Up


Growing up I was surrounded by all types of sports. It was normal to see football on the tele day in, day out and I was regularly partaking within team sports myself after school.


There were four of us in total at the house; my mum, dad, me and my sister. Yes, it was a female heavy household, but that didn’t stop us from doing what we were passionate about. My father, personally, was a HUGE rugby and football fan. It didn’t matter whether or not he had boys or girls, he was going to share his interest’s with us. If there were something of interest from our end, then he would influence us to go out there and take part, especially when it came to being active.


At the time, I had noticed that there were many male idols to look up to in the sports world but not so many women… It was almost as if it never existed, and it definitely was not taken as seriously. I noticed this was more of an issue as I got older as I immersed myself within a sporting community. Sports in general is heavily male dominant, and although I agree that we have different abilities naturally, we need to start taking women’s sports much more seriously.


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In Recent News


In recent times, you will see a mixture of men and women at most (average) sporting events. However, there is still stigma on women competing in particular sports. For example, ultra running and triathlon see more men than women taking part. Although this is on the rise (come on ladies)! As well as team sports such as football and rugby. It is slowly changing and I can’t wait to see more of it.


A recent uproar on the New Zealand kit manufacturer, Canterbury, brought the topic to light. Featuring models in the new rugby kit instead of using the players themselves on their website caused a stir. Where as the male team were able to have the privilege of wearing their own kit based on the Canterbury website.


They have since made a public announcement including an apology, but Instagram was full of famous rugby players spreading the word. Women came together to protest their thoughts and feelings on the matter, bringing the subject to centre stage.






I recently teamed up with the clothing company  BoudaVida as our thoughts were in alignment when it came to women in sports. What I have learnt about this fantastic little company is that they fully support this matter ethically and financially.


They donate 5% of sales to women’s sports, so with every purchase, you are helping this matter personally. BoudaVida also choose three individuals/groups every six months as part of a beneficiary scheme, so customers can donate through their purchase. For more information on this, email or visit their page HERE.




BoudaVida are not only actively taking a stance, they are also creating comfortable clothing for women too. Fashionable, durable and affordable; made by women for women. They hit the nail on the head with their products and I am lucky enough to own a few of their staple pieces. BoudaVida are looking to promote their kit to all types of women in a variety of sports. Encouraging women to be more active by looking and feeling good, on the inside and out. To flatter all shapes and sizes.


BoudaVida are also looking to launch a small selection of sustainable products by working on a bamboo range. A topical subject for many brands out there, having to create world-friendly products. However, BoudaVida built their company on these values and have been doing great things as well as selling their fantastic products too.



pac-a-mac Boudavida

Need to know more?


To find out more information on this company, check the links and highlights above, or click HERE.

I have luckily been #gifted the products in the pictures above for this post.



In conclusion, we need to speak out more on this topic. We need to support companies like BoudaVida (and many others) so that we can get more women playing sport too. Let’s get more people talking about women in sport in general, let it become the norm.


I am hoping that when I have children, they can look up to some great women in our sporting lifetime. We are lucky to have women becoming more and more visible in the sporting industry, and I hope it continues to grow!


Here’s to strong women everywhere!



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