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#Veganuary: Half Way Through.


Soooooo we are half way through the month, which means I have been a vegan for two whole weeks! Wey-hey!

Sounds funny that I’m celebrating just TWO WHOLE WEEKS OF VEGANUARY when plenty of others have had years of the lifestyle, but I thought I’d keep you updated on my progress… First off, I just want to say how easy it has been; to be a vegan. Secondly, I believe that I may even consider this lifestyle change after January is over, GASP!

I wasn’t a big meat eater previously, and had already cut out a lot of dairy from my diet years ago, so it wasn’t such a shock to slip into the ways of #Veganuary.

So as a brand new vegan, I have been visiting a few places to get into the swing of things, and although there are plenty more to visit (especially some of the independent cafes and restaurants) I thought I’d share a few of the venues that I have been to that have served a vegan menu, which isn’t your standard mushroom based dish.



  1. Lele’s

I visited this cute little cafe over a year ago when it was a vegetarian friendly eatery that served brunches, lunches and cakes. NOW it has turned into a fully vegan, patisserie cafe with ALL the works! I loved it back then, but I can imagine now, I’d be in absolute awe. I have visited some of their stalls in the mean time, because their cakes are TO DIE FOR and I will be returning soon to try out their new fully vegan menu! Independent, hard working crew with a whole lot of love. This has to be top dog on my list. It’s based in the east (where all the cool kids eat) whilst I live in the west. *cries*





2. Paradise Unbakery

This place is incredible. Everything I had wanted as a newbie herbivore, was in this place… It is an ALL vegan cafe; from the drinks, the milk, the cakes, to the cheese! No ‘vegan section’ to resort to, as the full menu is based around a raw/vegan/whole food diet. I went with the ‘Posh Mac No Cheese’ dish and it was just brilliant.





3. Wagamama’s

I have been to Wagamama’s a million times over, but the last few times, I have been testing out the vegan menu. With quite a few main and side dishes, I decided this would be the place to re-visit over and over again, just because it’s my job to… OBVIOUSLY. I love the flavours and the different take they have on their food because, food is not just for fuel, but for enjoyment too. However, I wish they had a few more vegan desserts, as I am not really a sorbet fan, but overall, this is one of my go-to vegan eateries.





4. Zizzi’s

Again, another chain that I have visited quite a lot previously, as they have always filled my carb load void in the heights of training. It is a firm favourite of mine to go to when you are with others that have very different wants and needs. Recently, I went in to try the vegan menu and was very surprised at the choices.

I went for the Lentil Ragu, accompanied by a glass of red (as most of their wine selection is vegan-friendly!) finished off with a chocolate torte which was ACTUALLY A DREAM. I loved that I was able to have a three course meal, plus some vino, and it be all vegan. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and will not miss the meat options when this menu is in place. Hopefully more and more vegan inspired dishes will be created in the near future!





5. Vapiano

Finishing up with another big branch, but a great one at that, is the one and only Vapiano. The place I go to prior to all my marathons (bar Amsterdam) as it has something for everyone! I normally go with a few others, so there is plenty of choice for everyone, including the fussy types. No one is left out when it comes to this Italian favourite, and we all get an individual payee card, which is great if we have friends that are particular about who pays for what on the bill at the end of the night.

Everything is cooked to order and prepared especially for you. ‘One size fits all’ does not even come into this, as you literally can change up your personal dish to your flavour fancy. When I last went to try the vegan menu, it wasn’t that extensive, but I hear they’ve changed it up with a few bits and added some extras in so I will most definitley be re-visiting soon. Their food is tasty, exciting and I always leave with a satisfyingly full belly; every single time. Can’t wait to go back to good old Vap’s!






What are your vegan favourites? I have plenty to visit and my to-do list is becoming extensive! Help me out with some suggestions!cropped-IMG_0644.jpg

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