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Do you have that annoying best friend who gets up for a “cheeky 5am run”? Dated a guy/girl who wouldn’t shut up about ‘pacing’ and ‘fuelling’? We all know or have a typical runner in our lives and if we don’t… then we probably are that typical runner guy!

Here are the traits we all know far too well; whether we are the runner or a friend of one… If you recognise any of them, then share this list with them!




running shoes


Owning too many pairs of shoes!

For any dedicated runner, having just one pair of shoes just doesn’t cut it. You have to have a pair for track, a pair for long distance and a pair for trail. Oh and of course the fancy-beautiful-to-look-at pair that you only wear to special events – PLUS the limited edition pair that you don’t dare to wear… and the other five pairs you got lying around.



black and white runners


Dedicated to the sport

When one has a race to train for, nothing will get in the way! Sometimes running comes first and that is ok. Dedication gets results, after all! If you are close to the ‘dedicated runner’ then you may feel like second best, but don’t worry, you’re probably on par with running, of course! 😉




scoffing spaghetti


Enjoys a good meal or five!

Eating is what keeps the hobby alive, so food is KING. You will notice that your running buddy loves a good munch, so keep them away from your fridges and the biscuit tin. Also accept that DOMINOS will, pretty much, be on speed dial. Runners are great eaters, so enjoy visiting many a cafe or restaurant during their training – it will be a win-win situation for the both of you! Just don’t feel bad when you can’t keep up after their long run day.



sweaty sun


Always sweaty

The typical runner tends to run whenever they can; be it as a commute or first thing in the morning (or even just before bed…) They will get it in someway or somehow! They will always be a little wet, a little sweaty and somewhat smelly. But that is ok, they also love a very hot shower too, so it won’t be for far too long!



track dog


Talking about running/races

“Oh, I ran Berlin back in 2016. Such a great race and the support was great!” “London 18, amazing day! Did you see Mo?”

When runners meet, they tend to talk about what they love doing most; RUNNING. Especially when they have ran similar stomping grounds, or if a famous runner is at the same event; there is plenty to talk about! If you are a non-runner, leave them to it. They will need to get it out their system before talking about everyday things…. maybe.





Travelling for races

Holiday budgets are spent on travelling for those international races. If you are very close to the runner, it is probably best to book the ‘sunny, getaway’ holiday yourself. Book your own weekend away from home because they will be too focused on that next race to be relaxing! Unless you enjoy cheering and holding snacks out for them, forget about those chilled-out holibobs. Although, post-marathon could be the perfect time to relax!



tired lady


Too tired for anything other than running!

Your runner pal may turn up for Friday drinks… or maybe they are at home in bed! Running has consumed their week and they will probably have a long run on the plan for the weekend. So Friday night is all about getting in those precious Z’s. Runners will also love to brag about getting up early doors and getting a ParkRun in before the day has started! So don’t expect them to have any energy for a Saturday night boogie once the marathon is near!





Dirty habits

Runners LOVE to talk about poo. I won’t sugarcoat any of it; they will tell you ALL about their toilet habits. Runners also love sharing details of when they need to go/near misses and rushing home for a number two. STEP AWAY once this conversation has started, because they are very comfortable with talking about these natural functions. You won’t want to hear the deets, so change the topic fast, if you can!





Running lingo

PB – EMOM – Hitting the wall – Fartlek.

The above and all the other acronyms/words that runners love to spout out during their running conversations. You will start to pick up on the lingo, as you will (more than likely) hear them quite often. Most runners also love being asked about their training specifics, so get that running-chat in action!




sad walker


The miserable & injured runner

There will (more than likely) be a time when the runner CAN NOT RUN. This is a terrible time for all runners and for those associated with the runner, so be very careful with the runners feelings. Even if the injury is minuscule, they will love to moan about it. Maybe they are not injured, but they have been told to take some time off due to illness/life arrangements and they are going to be miserable about it.

Give them some space, as we will never know what their temperament may be like. Don’t worry too much though, because as soon as they get themselves back out there, they very much will! Feed them with some encouragement, because even though you may dislike their running traits, you will soon miss it all. As that is what makes them who they are, right?





Are you any of the statements above? Or is this your partner/friend? Share this list for some giggles!


What else would you add to the list? Comment below!



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