Go Ape: Wendover

As a seasoned runner in between races, I tend to trial out new activities to keep me going once a big event has been and gone.

I am fairly active (and a bit of a daredevil) so when my sister had mentioned a day out together, I had suggested Go Ape in Wendover.




Go Ape is not for the faint hearted; with incredible heights and daring challenges, it is for those that seek adventure. Think tummy flips, high-pitched screams, words of encouragement (to yourself) and others around you. It can literally take your breath away!


There are a total of 33 locations within the UK to choose from, so a tree-top adventure will never be too far if you are looking for a trip away for a day in the forest.

We chose Wendover for our Go Ape experience as it was closest to our homes. I had heard the area was beautiful and green, which would be a nice change from the city life that I see every day.




We drove in for midday, meaning we had plenty of time to venture. The three of us got to the reception area to read through the declarations and to go through the healthy and safety procedures before getting our kit on.

Once the important bits have been dealt with, you are then left to your own devices!




You start off nice and ‘easy’ *hic* with each obstacle route getting harder/higher after completing the last… Which, unfortunately, was when my sister had decided to escape before it all got a bit too much for her. My brother-in-law came with me for the rest of the course, as we conquered any fears that we may have had (and I speak for myself when I say this!)


The sun was shining, and we took on many great challenges along the way, speaking to other ‘gorillas’ within the wood and the trees. Everyone seemed to love the activities, even with all the screams!


When we had finished, we were handed a certificate to congratulate us on our bravery. Time had flown by and we were shattered without even realising it! We decided to pop over to the cafe for a snack and a well deserved ice cream, seeing as the sun was still shining brightly.




After a few refreshments and a chat over the days escapades, we decided to take a walk around the forestry. There were plenty of people still around, some firing up BBQ’s and playing games in the greens; it really was a party atmosphere for all the family!


Over all, the day was FANTASTIC. We put our minds and bodies to the test and we had many a tale to tell… I loved doing something a little different from the ordinary; something a little wild and daring.

So if you are looking for a day out for all the family, or for those of you that like a challenge or even to experience something that is somewhat physically and mentally demanding… Then Go Ape is the place to be!




Check out their website for your nearest plot, and get yourself on the Gorilla Cam. It’ll be one to remember!



A special thanks to the guys at Go Ape – Wendover for making our day a great one!





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