Emma’s Top Tips: When To Get A Coach

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Coaching, once upon a time was for the elites only, but has now become more readily available for the average runner. So, when is it the right time to ask for help? How can a coach benefit your training?



I am a qualified personal trainer and run coach, yet I am still learning more about the world of running day by day. Fitness trends are constantly changing and it is very exciting to see! I enjoy researching training plans, methods and techniques, trialling them out for myself. Seeing what the pro’s and con’s are of them all.


We all work very differently; not one size fits all. What may work for one person, won’t always work for another. It is very interesting to see how our bodies really do function differently and how our training must be individually tailored.



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So when is it the right time to get a coach, if you even need to get one at all? Here are My Top 6 Reason’s on when it is right to get a coach!


  • You are unsure of how to train for an event

It is so exciting when you start running; you reap the benefits very quickly and the interest is high. A long distance event comes up and it is something you want to get involved in but you are unsure of where to start. If you are new to training plans or are worried about doing things wrong, then get in touch with a PT or running coach for some advice. You may be motivated enough to get out the door, but organising your training plan to your situation can be tricky.


  • Accountability

You know your sh*t and you have motivation BUT you don’t focus on the times and pacing. This is great if you are a free runner and just enjoy putting one foot in front of the other. However, for someone who may want to start tracking their progression but see it as ‘hard work’ then having a trainer that holds you accountable may help you out. Without having to worry about the percentages and numbers, you can trust that your coach will help make this as simple as possible for you.


  • You are not progressing

After running for many years, you have got the hang of this training malarkey. You know ‘how to run’ but the training is all too similar to your last training cycle. If you haven’t hit a personal best in some time or you feel like you are getting slower then it may be time for change. As we all know, change can be difficult but change also can bring great things! I find that it is best to start changing the variables in your training to see what it is that is the problem. If this is hard to gage then maybe speaking to a coach on your next training plan may help!


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  • You are lacking motivation

You may have done a few races now, but the thought of starting it all over again fills you with dread. It could be that it is winter and you are unsure that you will stick to your plan as the nights gets darker and colder.

If you have come back from injury and you need some advice on getting back out there, then getting help with your training may be key. Having a coach is not just about the numbers and pacing. They are there to help you get excited about your upcoming milestones. Coaches want you to succeed which should also push you to work harder for that next goal.


  • You want a specific goal

Having experience and knowledge is great for progression but what happens when you change your goals? You may be looking to get a faster time or you may want to try and run a longer distance. Having a specific goal may need a little support, especially if you are new to that goal. It may just be a plan that you will need, or the encouragement from a coach to help you out when things get a little bit tough.


  • You want to gain knowledge

Every day is a learning day and even if you know the score, there is always so much more to learn! I personally love educating myself on my passion, even if I feel like ‘I know a lot already’ I actually have so much more to learn. It is always worth gaining more information, no matter how little. Or even confirming what you already know, so that you can train confidently.


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Most people are happy to train without a coach, but some of us need that extra helping hand or a driving force and make things happen! It is not a bad thing to ask for help, if anything, it is a great way to see your full potential through someone else’s eyes.

I know that having someone to help you out when things are tough is a big help. Not only does it help with confidence, but it helps with building your skill set.


If you are interested in hiring a coach in London, I am offering one-to-one online and in person sessions. Or you can opt for a full training plan with weekly check-ins. Alternatively, get in touch if you require any more information on coaching in general!


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