Top 5 reasons why you should travel alone.



I have never been afraid of spending time alone. Many find this very difficult to do, whether it is going to the shops, or going for a meal, or even taking a trip away. It seems to be ‘abnormal’ for someone to enjoy ones own company and that these certain tasks should be enjoyed with others.

I understand like, it is great when you find someone who can enjoy these opportunities with you and share those blissful memories, however, I would not deprive myself from said opportunity if it meant that I had to go do it alone.

This is why I have decided to write about the stigma that people have when it comes to single time. It is very liberating to be able to just pick up your bag and set yourself away on an adventure without knowing what you will do, who you will meet, and what you will see! Let this no longer be a fear of yours and give it a try. It may be one of the best things you’ll have ever done!


I took myself away to Llangollen for a hiking trip, alone. This gave me the inspiration for this piece.


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Top 5 reasons why you should take that step…




No waiting around.

As a very impatient person, I enjoyed the fact I could just go when I wanted. There was no waiting around for the friend who was always late, or having to rely on someone who will want to leave before you could even get your teeth stuck into the journey. This may sound selfish, but the trip was on my terms and I had rein over what was going to happen. The world is my oyster!


IMG_0719This is for YOU.

Because I would be going alone, I planned the holiday around what I had wanted to do. I love fitness, so I decided to travel from my hometown in Manchester to visit Wales and their stunning views. I didn’t know many that had similar interests to me, so hiking was something I would have to enjoy alone (for now at least!) Time was in my own hands; I could get up when I had wanted to, go to bed when I had wanted to, and take as long as possible on my hike up the Horse Shoe Pass. I felt so free with my time. It was like being a child again, except with responsibility!



Taking chances.

On my trip, I felt like I could do things that I wouldn’t normally do. I got to climb The Velvet Hills, which is something I never would have saw myself doing alone, and it was something I hadn’t even planned on doing! I felt I was in the position to do these things, as you never know when you could ever come back to this situation again. It was a ‘now or never’ kind of feeling!



Takes you away from everyday life.

I tried to keep myself away from social media and texting. With this trip, I had wanted to get away from the world; to write with a glass of wine, sitting within the green. I tried to avoid picking up the phone to anything trivial (although as a blogger, this was a VERY difficult task!). It helped that the signal was ghastly, as I was not able to waste time reading my Facebook feed or see what the world cared about on Twitter. Yes, I did take pictures and I did take a work call, but other than that, I don’t remember having much contact with the world in which I had become so involved within. It was a fantastic feeling, even if it was just for those two days.


FullSizeRender-5Giving you the confidence.

I would never have imagined talking to some of people I had met there and I would not have seen some of the amazing scenery of Wales if it was not for this spontaneous trip. I had grown in confidence just because there was no other way for me to behave whilst travelling the streets of Llangollen, with just my mind for company. I left with my head held high, knowing that I could do anything! This was something I had most definitely needed to do again… But where to next?!




So if you are unsure, or have been thinking of travelling alone, JUST DO IT! It is great for your well being and you will see many great things. You do not need anyone to be with you on these trips, as this life is about YOU. If you have that special somebody to enjoy these things with then great stuff, but if not, it does not mean that you are a big loser if you go it alone.  🙂


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    September 14, 2016 at 11:57 am

    interesting read Emma!!!!! xx

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    September 14, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    The first positive step in life is to know oneself.

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