10 reasons why you are my BF

As an adult, having true friends is a rarity and should be savoured. They don’t come around often, not as much as they do when you were a young ‘un. I am talking about the people that you would trust with your life (or maybe your pint) but somebody that you turn to for every high and for every low.

In school, you would normally have a group of friends that you would hang out with, get drunk with, get in trouble with… But do you see any of these friends now? Well, If you do. Congrats!

What I am trying to get at is, as an adult I have moved around a lot. I have met many people. I have tremendous amount of memories with a huge chunk of those people but only a few will stand out. Who would I call my ‘best friends’? Who would I still pick up the phone to and call even if the distance is so abundant? I have decided to create a list of things I have experienced with the truest of friends. Why they shall hold the title of being a good friend.

They have seen the tears.

We’re talking about the snot faced, puffy eyes, wailing sort of tears. Nobody wants to see that shit. Although your best friend has. And is still here, giving you hugs. Aww.

They have seen you naked.

Many of times when they have come to pick you up and you are in a rush of ‘what to wear?’ Or being worried and having to ‘check that mole on your bum’ moment. They do not even bat an eyelid. They have seen it all before.

They can eat your food and you will not be mad at them. Just.

Only certain friends can get away with this. “I will share this pizza with you because I love you.” Right?

They have seen you at your drunken worst.

I have fallen over MULTIPLE times whilst drunk. I have also forgotten where my clothes are most of the time. But I luckily have one of my BFs around to laugh with me instead of at me.

They tell you to ‘man up’.

When hyping yourself up for a date, prepping to break some awful news or deciding you can’t hack that tequila…

Hoarding their crap at yours/their house.

Having stuff over at theirs in case you forget to take it over… Yeah right! You are over there enough that you need two of everything. One at yours, one at theirs.

Going to events when you are single.

Who needs a boyfriend when you have awesome best mates to take? They will probably already know other said friends/family so no awkwardness of ‘meeting the boy’. Plus getting drunk is a lot more fun. Let’s get messy!

Telling them of the awful things you did and still getting a smile.

Maybe you’ve said something terrible. Maybe you were a little naughty on that night out… Maybe you overheard some gossip and need to tell your BF. No matter what disgusting treats you have to unfold, they laugh and try to help you out of the situation. Or even a simple “We won’t tell ANYONE!”

The family know you, have met you and frequently ask about you.

The mother and father constantly ask of my bezzies. Because it is like they are family now. They are probably sick of their name by now. That’s love, eh?

Months and years pass by. Yet there will always be time.

They may be homies, so seeing them often is a regular occurrence. They may even only be in the next town but life gets in the way. People are busy with jobs, partners and other crazy dos. So seeing them generally is tricky. Even if they are near or far, you still have contact. Seeing them is no difference to when you last touched base. Regardless of time, they will always be in your heart. Although, there is PLENTY more gossip to grab hold of when there is time between you both. BRING IT TO ME!

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