Have you said something and thought “I am getting too old for this!”
Yep. I have! And I am only heading into my late Twenties. Can’t imagine what I will be saying it to in ten years time.
I am sure others my age have started to think these same thoughts on certain moments in our lives… So when do we stop doing the things we did back in university? Our early twenties?
Top ten signs that I am becoming an adult. From my point of view.

1. “Maybe I shouldn’t wear that…”
Most people who know me would probably say I don’t follow this rule, but I have actually thought this. You look at something and think… Maybe this dress is a little TOO short? Is it appropriate? Maybe I could wear it with tights…
2. “I can’t wait to go home, chill and have an early night!”
You still love partying hard. But not so often. Some days you are so excited to just go home and do nothing. Back in the day it would be a different story!
3. “I shouldn’t go out because I: have work/a gym session/am seeing a friend in the morning.”
I have used these excuses once or twice. Work is an obvious one, no one wants to be hungover when you have to be at your best. However, when you are not at work and you are as rough as a dog, it puts you off everything. That 4 mile run that was planned for the morning ain’t happening! Let’s skip any sort of plans because it takes you a WHOLE day to get over your drunken anxiety… not like old times, huh?
4. “It’s getting late, I should turn in and get my 7 hours sleep.”
I never go to bed before midnight, but if I know I won’t be getting enough hours, I will consciously look at the clock. Only started doing this recently and it bugs the HELL out of me. I used to be able to last on 4 hours? What’s got into me?
5. “Food or a new purse? Well, can’t starve can I?”
Money is more of an issue now. Nothing is free! When you have been looking at that beautiful, shiny, black purse for weeks but it is ยฃ50, you have to question weather you really NEED that purse. ยฃ50 worth of food goes a long way. But then fashion is always a winner for me!
6. “1am? Time for pizza and bed!”
I was out the other night and all I could think about was getting home to my comfy bed and eating a huge cheesy pizza. It wasn’t about the company, I just knew I would be rough and I wanted to start the cure process a little earlier…
7. “Nah, he’s WELL too young.”
Back at uni, if a guy was hot, he was hot! Now though at 26, when checking out the talent, age is a BIG thing. 20 years old? HELL NO!
8. “What shall I do with my day off? I know. Tidy the flat!”
Setting time aside to do household chores and actually getting excited at the prospect of having a clean house. I know. I know! Boooorrrrrriiiiiinnnnggg!
9. “I just want some ME time.”
Deciding to take time out to read that book, go out shopping and having dinner. Sitting in the local cafe and writing notes on your laptop with a cuppa. All by yourself. And you love it! These are my favourite days and I don’t have many, but learning to enjoy your own company is a must for adulthood.
10. “I miss my mum/dad!”
When you were a young ‘un, you would do anything to get out the way of your parents… But as an adult and not seeing them as often makes you kind of miss them. I really enjoy spending time with them as adults together. It’s a different relationship almost. You’re allowed to say the odd swear word in front of them, get drunk with them and talk ‘real talk’. After all, they’re not here forever, so I try to enjoy as much time as I can with them.

What are your grown up thoughts? Be interesting to hear!

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    February 27, 2015 at 2:44 pm

    You have literally listed 10 I things I do. I used to be all about the bare leg, now I’m tights tights tights all the way (don’t want to catch a cold). And I used to skip food so I could afford new clothes and going out, now FOOD COMES FIRST (which explains my weight gain). I miss my family all the time and always want to see them, and these days I rarely go out, choosing instead to stay in and order a take away and watch Sopranos instead. I am officially a grown up!
    x tink x

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