Happy Birthday Blog!

Today I am excited.

Excited to say, that my blog is one year old, today!

To think that the little babe had started out with nothing, yet we are here with all the social media platforms based around A Crazy Contradiction with a great following.

She has grown, grown up so fast and much has changed since she was created. I am feeling quite proud.

Here I am talking as if she were a new born… but that is the feels. I have a little version of ‘me’ that has grown with my care and attention. So I can only hope, that you can see the differences too, and continue to follow A Crazy Contradiction to watch her grow some more.

Keeping within true tradition, I shall start with telling you of my New Years resolutions that will keep me motivated, recording my journey throughout in hope that you will join me on my journey.

Last year, I had planned to run five half marathons and start up a blog. Completed! This year, I plan to up the anti…


  • To Run A Full Marathon.

Well, that was the reason why I prepped up with the half marathons in the first place, so I guess the only way to go ‘one up’ was to go through with a full. I signed up for the Manchester Marathon late last year, that will have me ready at the start line on April the 10th. I am scared. Oh boy, I am REALLY scared… but life is about progress and facing your fears, right? Right?!!?

  • To Read Three Books.

This may not sound a lot to many of you, however it seems to be very difficult for me to have some ‘me time’ with a book. My job leaves me little time to have an evening with a nice cup of green tea and a novel that I can get stuck right into. The late nights and fitting in the marathon training when I have that spare time forces me to drop to the sheets. Thinking about this year though, I will try to discipline myself much more with the marathon in mind, so no more random nights out drinking with the girls. Instead, a night in reading and writing will be much more suitable for the next few months. Eeek!

  • To Visit Three Different Places.

For those of you that follow my blog or for those that know me in person, you will have seen that I got to climb Snowdonia in the later part of last year. Experiencing those moments have made me hungry for more, so I want to visit a few more places. To do a spot of travelling and go walk some more. So I have made it a point to myself to visit three different places (Also including the UK) to get myself moving and seeing different parts of the world.

To conclude, I want to say thank you.

Thank you to my family, who have been incredibly supportive with everything that I have done this year, and will for years to come.

Thank you to all my followers, without you guys and gals, A Crazy Contradiction would be nothing. I have learnt a great amount from some of you, reading your blogs and hearing your thoughts has only increased the progress of my very own blog baby.

Thank you to the companies that have given me the opportunity to write for them.

Thank you to The Press Tent for adding me to your blogger directory, which then has helped me move forward with A Crazy Contradiction. Thank you for inviting me to all the blog events within Manchester; because of this I have made new friends, worked with new products and had grand advice off the ‘big guys’ within this amazingly fun industry.
I am excited for 2016. Bring it on!

What are your NY resolutions? Let me know what changes you are bringing to your life below!

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    Deimante Baurinaite
    January 3, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    Happy blog birthday lovely! I’m glad to have discovered your blog! Hope 2016 is wonderful for you 🙂
    Deimante x

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