Pho Restaurant in Manchester 

Last week, I had heard of the restaurant Pho opening up in the Corn Exchange, Manchester and couldn’t wait to visit. I enjoy eating healthily, but it is hard to come across many restaurants within Manchester that cater for a well balanced lifestyle. For all I love a burger every now and then, I wanted to enjoy great food in the city centre that wouldn’t expand the waistline. 

So me and The boy went to see what Pho was all about. 

Walking up to the resturaunt, I could already see that it was busy. It looked stylish, modern yet it had the feel, of what I would imagine, a Vietnamese cafe to be like. I was amazed at the decor and was constantly looking around at the furnishing of this three storey resturaunt. The boy said it looked quite fancy from the outside but as soon as we were taken to the table, the bright and warming colours instantly made us feel comfortable. 

When given the menu, there were plenty of mains to choose from. If you need to ponder before visiting, the menu is also on their site here (locations vary.) As I had saved myself, I looked over all the sides and starters, in anticipation on having a right feast. However, I was reminded that we would also be having a few cocktails after the meal, so I decided I would save it for another time (as I already planned to be back some time soon!) 

In the end, I chose to go with the Phở gà; to me and you – chicken phở, which is pronounced as ‘fuh’, as the resturaunt is renowned for this broth style dish. The boy chose a vegetarian dish, Phở cha, which in fact was among many other veggie options. This is always great as some restaurants do not really cater for this. 

So I was ready! I wanted to taste the foods that everyone in London had been going on about. 

The bowl is huge and full of goodness. Rice noodles being the main accompinent, with vegetables and a side plate of fresh herbs. There is also a set of condiments for each table, so you can add some more spices and sauces to your dish and have it exactly how you want it! 

Me and the boy had a great evening, a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. The staff were lovely and knew their stuff (which always helps) and the food was quick, tasty and filling. When asking for the bill, it came to just over £30. Yes. You heard me. This was for a round of drinks (plus a little bit more wine for me) and two mains. 

So even if you went all out, it isn’t massively expensive and totally worth your money. Overall the experience was exceptional and if you are wanting healthy, great authentic food then Pho is your place. 

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