Running away with our thoughts.

Imagine this.
I have my Lycra sweat pants on, the laces are tied, music is blasting full pelt into my ears and I’m pushing myself out that front door. Knowing I won’t be back until my hour long run is up…

Sometimes it feels like a chore getting myself out there for a run. It takes time to build yourself up. Doesn’t help that it is winter and the flat is cold enough as it is. Who wants to be outside?

Then I remember how much I DO love running. Nothing beats that feeling of when I get back in and I know that I have done a good job. Looking like a sweaty, horrible mess of course!

When I am out on that run, I tend to think a lot. So I decided to pull up a list of the things I ALWAYS think of. Runners will most probably laugh and agree. Whilst non runners will laugh and keep on questioning the love we have for running. So here we go!


1. “WHY?!”
You have just started jogging and you have to ask yourself over and over again WHY you are doing this. C’mon! Because it is good for us!

2. “That cute guy/girl is looking at me… Game face on!”
People do look. But that’s probably because you are as wet as a seal. And REALLY red in the face. It looks like you are going to explode. We have to pretend we’re all good though. So game face on!

3. “I’m hungry. What should I eat later?”
It’s been a while on the road, you have made sure you haven’t eaten pre run as you don’t want to puke up everywhere and you feel you deserve a good munch after your workout. Let’s be healthy, Mmm nice grilled chicken on a bed of leaves… NAH F*ck that!! An extra large burger with lots of FRIESSSS!!!

4. “I could be in the Olympics!”
You have just got used to the run now. In fact you think you are brilliant at it. You could go professional. Let’s sign up for the Olympics, yeah?

5. “This songs brill, I know all the words!”
You think you are alone on the streets. A great song comes on and you just want to sing your little heart out. Instead you just mouth the words like you are in a Nike advert. Doing a head swish every now and then. And of course you slow down/speed up to the pace of the beat. You are having the time of your life!

6. “If I haven’t lost a whole stone, I give up.”
Most of us start running because we want to lose weight/get fit/toned etc etc. We feel that after every run we should be losing every inch of fat we have on our body. Maybe it was that burger…

7. “Only 4.90 miles?”
Avid runners who keep track of their runs know the WORST part to checking your mileage just before you feel like you have had enough is to realise you are just below the round up mile. You have to keep going. Otherwise it won’t count. You NEED to get to the 5 miles as it doesn’t look as good as 4.90. So what if I have to run round the block a few times to get it in. Still counts….

8. “If I don’t go to the toilet now, there will be an accident!”
You make sure you are well hydrated before a run… So if you don’t go to the toilet beforehand, you know it’ll hit you at some point during your run. It usually is when you are running round that block trying to fit in the last of your miles so you are fighting with your body to stick to the game plan. You are just hoping it holds out…
Worse when it’s a number two. Don’t want no Paula Radcliffe sh*t going down! 😆


Do the runners agree? And non runners, feel free to laugh!
No matter how much we complain. We love it dearly.

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    January 20, 2015 at 4:20 pm

    Go Emz. Hit the wall? Only if you have your eyes closed dreamin’ about those friesss!

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